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Mark Polk with RV Education 101 offers some RV tips and RV information on how to reset the GFCI when electrical outlets in your RV are not working.

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Happy RV Learning,

Mark Polk

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About Mark Polk

Hello, My name is Mark Polk and I am the owner of RV Education 101®, RV 101® and RV Consumer. We produce RV training videos and publish books and e-books on every RV topic imaginable to help educate RV owners and RV enthusiasts. Over the past 18 years we have helped educate millions of RV consumers on how to safely and properly use, maintain and enjoy their RVs. RV Education 101® is your premier provider of professional RV how-to instruction training videos, DVD’s, books, e-books and qualified RV information for using and maintaining a Recreation Vehicle. I have an extensive RV background working in RV service, sales and management. I have a degree in Industrial Management Technology and I retired from the US Army as a Chief Warrant Officer Three Maintenance Technician. In my 30-plus years of experience in maintenance I have worked as an RV technician, a wheeled vehicle and power generation mechanic, an automotive maintenance technician, Battalion and Brigade level Maintenance Officer, an RV Sales Manager and in the RV finance department as the Finance & Insurance manager. This RV 101® Blog is intended to provide you with qualified, informative RV how-to information pertaining to using, maintaining and enjoying your RV. Happy RV Learning Mark

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  1. Scott Moore says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am hoping you can steer me in the right direction. I recently returned from a camping trip and knowing that it would be a day or two before I could empty the refrigerator, I plugged my travel trailer into a GFI on the exterior of the house. I then went to confirm that the refrigerator automatically switched from LP to AC. It did not. I then noticed that the load meter that I keep plugged into the kitchen (GFI) outlet was not reading anything. Attempts to reset that outlet were unsuccessful. I went to the house outlet and discovered that it had tripped also. I ran the extension cord to another outlet (without GFI) and returned to the trailer to reset that GFI and found that it will not reset. I have checked all of the outlets that are on that circuit (2 exterior, kitchen, bathroom and refrigerator) all of them seem to be OK. I made sure all of the connections are good and have replaced the GFI outlet on the outside chance that it has gone bad. I am stumped. Any suggestions?


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